Yeh Pulu Ganesha is one of the finest but unknown archeological wonders of Bali .

Yeh means 'Water' in balinese and Pulu means ,'Stone water container .'

It is only one kilometer away from its internationally famous cousin Goa Gajah . There is a very well paved concrete road connecting the two historical sites .

Those who are adventurous can foot out the distance between the two and see the Bedulu rice temple on the way but you need a guide to help you .

The reliefs appear to be scenes from every day life . However there is a beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha

The relief is 25 metres long and two metres high .

It was excavated from the volcanic ash in 1925 .It has a 13th century Ganesha statue .

To reach the site , you have to come down the steps from the top .

There are two small Restaurants with healthy and clean local and chinese food .

There is an inernational standard bathroom for the tourists at Yeh Pulu.

Every full moon night, there will be prayers , at Yeh Pulu.
Dance show and dinner will be at Yayasan Widya Guna afterwards.

Children will be encouraged to put in dance or music performance

We can conduct ( Prayers ) Pooja at the temple for 15 minutes The Balinese priest will perform it ..We will provide you with coconuts, flowers , coloured powder plus a cold drink Just leave everything to us .

Photo plus all above : Rupiah 1OO,OOO or dollars $ 1O

Contact : Sadia Ketut , Yayasan Widya Guna , 3 Yeh Pulu Street, Bedulu, Bali .

E mail address :[email protected]

Mobile number : 62-O81-2465O773

Yeh pulu Ganesha : Bedulu

Perpustakaan Candi
Bedulu: Bali
In memory of :
Mumbai : India

Photo of .Ganesha at Bedulu plus information about a library: Perpustakaan Candi that we have started at Yayasan Widya Guna in Bedulu.

It has books for children in English and Indonesian plus dance C.Dís from Bali , Java and other places in Indonesia

It has also Indian dance C.Dís by the famous international dancer : Dr. Kanak.Rele of the Nalanda Dance Research Centre , Mumbai,India. In her C.dís, you have all the 7 important classical dances of India You can correspond directly with her at [email protected]