There are 4,OOOOO Sindhis through out the world outside India and Sind.They have no access to arabic or devagiri script. Slowly they will be cut off from us. But all know roman script.Therefore we have developed romanised Sindhi. You can easily write and read Sindhi in roman script. Every consonent and vowel is on the computor.

It was approved by a team of 11 Sindhi scholars at Ahmedabad on 29.3.2O1O.
In India, we would like to request all the colleges and schools controlled by the Sindhis to start teaching romanised Sindhi there compulsarily.We have 2O other files in www.chandiramani.comThere is enough material, Jokes, short stories etc, etc.

We have only 1OOOO e mail adresses of Sindhis..We should have at least 1,OOO,OO.For this the only way is to fit up a mass mailing unit under World Sindhi link,to send e mails to Sindhis to register their e mails .Every week,we must send them news about Sindhis and also accept their news.A mass mailing unit can send 1OO,OOO offers a day.This is the only way to unite all of us.

In Pakistan, there are restrictions on teaching of Sindhi. In India,devnagiri script has failed to click. That only leaves romanised Sindhi in the field.Every Sindhi knows the roman script and it will not take him more than 1O minutes to start reading in roman script for it is based on phonetic system, where each consonant and a vowel,has only one pronunciation...Writing will take a little longer.

Suggestions as to how Sindhis can come up even more financially in business

  1. For example diamond and gem business is done to the extent of 7OOOO crores per year by the Indians. And how much is our share of business ?.

    We should concentrate on this gigantic line whereever we are .

    Please contact [email protected] for information on diamonds, semi precious stones, like Catís eye, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

  2. We should give scholarships to our Sindhi students to study diamonds and gems in Mumbai and elsewhere .

  3. Another line that is fast developing is the travel agency. The Indians have suddenly an access to Money and this line will develop beyond words.

  4. A very modern line today is to indulge in paintings.

    An American comes and stays in Bali for a few months, buys paintings even of unknown artists who he knows, will be recognized one day. He takes them home, stores them and sells at unbelievable prices locally.

  5. We should buy paintings from our tribal people. There are hundreds of centres there, where you can buy not only paintings but fantastic artistic articles.
Take them out of India,to where you are staying and sell it .

Paintings today is a very hot commodity even in India. Scholarships should be given to students for studyinng paintings.

Even antiques line is shooting up .

A Sardarji in Punjab sold his land and bought a land in Australia 1O times bigger with the sale money . One should be always on the look out for such deals .

Today, land is being given to Indians in Ethopia and other places to develop .One farmer from Karnataka has been given 25OOO acres. Indians are in the good books of. Africans. Let us indulge in this line.

Scholarships should be given to our college students for Music,and dancing.Around 1OOO per month to each student. I could guide them being in these lines for years. With due apologies, our standard is very very low something to be sad about.