General information on Sindhi music in India

After the partition,Sindhis were more concerned about survival.Now that this has been accomplished, with us having survived and opened scores of Colleges and educational institutes and hospitals, etc, throughout the world, it high time, we concentrated on our beautiful cultural past of solid 5OOO years.

Meantime after coming to India, we have been exposed to an oceon of music with reference to Raagas and Rhythms and various styles and Gharanas of singing .

In Panchatantra Classic written in 2 OO B.C in Sanskrit , there is a reference about the existence of 49 types of Rhythms. According to Bharatamuni*, an ancient sage , music consists of seven notes, three scales, twenty-one modulations, forty-nine rhythms and three speeds. There are also several Ragaas and Raginis* which have to be sung at the proper time and season.

Refer to Panchatantra by Chandiramani (Rupa & Co ) page 233 .

Classic Natya Shastra was written in 2OO B.C and deals with Dance and Music.


We strongly suggest you listen to :

Raag Sargam aur Taal: download from section 1O

There are hundreds of Raagas and at least 2O basic Rhythms,which we have to be introduced to in India .

Since we have been cut off from the main stream, I have developed a programme which has 2O Raagas set against 2O basic Rhythms .

If you want your children to be proficient in music, Play Raag Sargam aur Taal every day, just before they go to sleep. In due course they will memorise the entire CD of 60 Minutes.

RAAG, SARGAM AUR TAAL: Singer Pt. Krishnarao Chonkar. Tabla: Shridhar Padhye. Harmonium by Baban Manjrekar.

20 Raagas, 2 from each. 10 Thaths sung against 20 basic rhythms with notations and solo pieces on Tabla by Shridhar Padhye.

This only follows the tradition of Shruti followed by our ancestors since Indus civilization .

At a young age specially between the age of 2 and 7, they have a razor sharp memory .

Once that is done, they can recognize many popular Raagas plus know all the 2O basic rhythms.

In please visit Raag Sargam aur Taal. The notations are also there to be studied along with singing and playing of Tabla.

This you can download from the internet : : Raag Sargam aur Taal section 1O

Afterwards if they want to sing well , they have to learn from a good teacher who sings in tune himself and teaches the same to the students . This is a must .

Mastar Chandar was one of our greatest Sindhi singers. His master piece: Suhin~aa araz aahe in 1O beats was a rage one upon a time and recognised as a classic hit. He was the first to have introduced rhythms like 1O,12 and 16 in Sindhi music.
Chandiramani went ahead and composed over 1O songs in 1O different rhythms

Bulo.C.Rani made a name for himself and directed over 65 Hindi moves.
See Bulo.C.Rani in and click Down melody lane.
He composed music for Jogan : Jogi Mat Jaa sung by Geeta Dutt. Nargis and Dilip Kumar had leading roles in the film.
Incidently Bulo.C.Rani was the first to have introduced the famous Qawali: Humen to loot liya husn walon ne: It was a rage for years.

C .H. Atma was a great singer who contributed a lot to the film industry by rendering classic Bhajans and Ghazals.

He had a very powerful resonant base voice which bore a lot of resemblance to K.L.saigal's voice

His two master hits were : Pree~tam Aan Milo. and Ro-oo'n Mai'n Saagar Ke Kinaare .

His personal friend Bulo.C.Rani composed the secound song.

For Classical singing, Kamla Jhangiani is the best we have had so far. Absolutely in tune plus correct singing and style .

Shanti Hiranand

She was born in a business family .

Right from the childhood, she was crazy about music.

She took training from the legendry singer Begum Akhtar and can sing Thumris, Dadra ghazals and sufi Music flawlessly .

She has indeed brought honour to the Sindhis .

Pt. Askaran Sharma is another Sindhi Musician who has to be respected for his knowledge and guidance to his students. He comes from a very good background of musicians.

We can also mention Ghanshyan Vaswani and Mahesh Chandar, the son of our legendary musician, Master Chandar, as accomplished singers in light music.

Mention must also be made of our young singers, Girish Sadhwani, Payal Bhatija & Kajal Chandiramani.

Madhu Shehri can sing in all the 2O basic rhythms without any effort. Rather unique.

There must be other singers but unfortunately I do not know them . Do write to me their names so that I can update this article.

I can guide you to any good musician, instrumentalist or an excellent Tabla (Shridhar Padhye) or Pakhawaj (Prakash Shejwal )player.

Sindhi Music

See separately in

On you can listen to Sindhi Music after down loading

It is the first time in the history of Sindhi music that so many rhythms have been recorded by Chandiramani. Also in one composition sung by Ghanshyam Vaswani, there are 2 Pakhawaj Rhythms merging into each other. Something difficult beyond words .

Chandiramani has recorded well over 2O compositions in 2O different Rhythms in Hindi and Sindhi.

He was ably assisted by the famous Music Director Bulo.C.Rani, who gave music to 85 films and pioneered Qawali singing through his famous Qawali : Hame'n t~o Loot Liyaa Husun Vaalo'n Ne .

Chandiramani has also produced Dictionary of Indian Music which includes Bhajans, Ghazals, Vocal classical, Thumris, instrumental music and drums. There are 16 C.D;s in the dictionary.

All these have brought on the internet so that you down load and listen to them . .

See the home page in

All this work was done with the help of Bulo.C.Rani, Pandit Krishna Rao Chonkar, Shruti Sadolikar, Shridhar Padhye, Arjuna Shejwal, Vinayaka Vohra, Chandrashekhar Naringrekar and Kalyana Raman for South Indian (Karnataka ) music recordings.

All these musicians helped me to bring out Dictionary of Indian Music. Each was an authority in his section.

Credit goes to Master Chandar for introducing Classical rhythms in Sindhi Music nearly 5O years ago.

Until today Suhin~aa arazu aahe stays as fresh as ever. It is composed in Jhaptaal in 1O beats quite an odd Rhythm. He also composed and sang in Ektaal (12 beats) and Teen Taal (16 beats)

A. Sindhi folk Music

by Kavita Krishnamurti, Kamla Jhangiani and Bulo.C.Rani

You can download and listen to these lovely songs .

Here also music is by Bulo.C.Rani and Chandiramani

B. Sindhi Sangeet vol I and II

It is already on the the website section 18a

Singers : Kamla Jhangiani, Ghanshyam

Vaswani, Mahesh Chandar and Madhu Shehri.

C. Classic Sindhi Music

Singer Lyrics Taal Beats Music Percussion Player
sava sava
Dhoomali 8 Bulo.C.Rani Tabla Lala
Zind~ageea je
Raaha Me'n
Dhoomali 8 Bulo.C.Rani Tabla Pandit
Dhoomali 8 Chandiramani Tabla Shridhar
Jhap Taal 10 Chandiramani Tabla Shridhar
Hika Raat~ Deepchandi 14 Bulo.C.Rani Tabla Lala
O Sija
Ubhir Na
Adhaaiyo 7 Mahesh
Tabla Kashinath
Hujaa'n Shaala
Jhap Taal 10 Chandiramani Tabla Shridhar
Bulo.C.rani Raan~aa T~okhe
Dhoomali 8 Bulo.C.Rani Tabla Lala
Punhal Asula
Dhoomali 8 Bulo.C.Rani Tabla Lala
T~o T~aa'n
11 Chandiramani Tabla Shridhar
Dhoomali 8 Chandiramani Tabla Lala
Pa'nhi'njo Aayo
Dhoomali 8 Bulo.C.Rani Pakhawaj  
Tin Jogi^un
Saa'n T~a Guzaar
16-7 Chandiramani Pakhawaj Arjun Shejwal
Aaee Re
Bhajani Theka 8 Bulo.C.Rani Pakhawaj  

Lyrics written in phonetic roman script.see section 18b .Approved by 11 sindhi scholars at Ahmedabad meet on 29.3.2O1O

In under Classic Sindhi Music you can listen to the programme after down loading.

Singers : Kavita Krishnamurti,Ghanshyam Vaswani, Kamla Jhangiani,Madhu Shehri and Mahesh Chandar

Music : Bulo.C.Rani , Chandiramani and Mahesha Chandar

There are already around 25 programmes produced by Chandiramani on the internet. See at least once in a fortnight for latest additions.

Like our dynamic Asha Chand on the TV front, first class work on the Sindhi music front is being done by Parul and Thakur Chawla. For countless years, they have been arranging programmes at Sita Bhavan.Not only that,this provides a platform for upcoming artists but any a times, they are encouraged by the visitors who shower money on the,m.

For quite some time, Sindhu Darshan has come up on the television and can be seen every Friday.On Vividh Bharati channel no.i 157 at 1o.p.m
Sindhi sangat programme by Asha Chand is on every saturday at 1O.p.m
Sahyadhari channel broadcasts sindhi programmes every sunday
Radio Sindhi is a recent development that is available for 24 hours.
Sindhi - KutchTV is available for viewing for 24 hours. It is available on channel no. 693.