Short Story : Written by Chandiramani

Story No. 1


Rajoo was in an excellent mood. Last night at a party he had landed a big contract.

His driver was driving along the road when he suddenly saw a very beautiful lady on the bus stop .She was very well dressed and had a child in her arms .Indeed she was charming beyond words.

Rajoo saw her miss the bus

Full of concern he asked the driver to reverse the car

He opened the window and asked her ,’ Can I offer you a lift ?’

‘Thank God! I am indeed grateful , for I am going for an interview, ’ the lady replied ‘., and I am already late.’

‘Which place ?’ asked Raajoo.

‘It is near Hotel Oberoi,’she answered.

‘Hop in. I am going there too."

He thought to himself,’ What a coincidence but I would have gone to the end of the world to drop her. My God! What a classic beauty!’

Suddenly the child gazed at him and started crying loudly. He extended his tiny arms to come to Raajoo.

Raajoo was amazed. He lifted the child in his arms and felt a surge of joy going through him .The child was completely at ease and started pulling at his nose.

Suddenly Raajoo felt that his life was empty. He was indeed lonely after the death of his wife whom he loved very dearly.

He turned to the lady and asked ,,’Where exactly do you want to be dropped?'

She said,’ Near Hotel Oberoi is Raajoo House .I have received a call for interview.’

She took out some papers from her pruse and said, ‘Look Here is the letter for interview. And here is my application. I hope I get the job. I am indeed desperate to get one.’

And she handed over a set of papers to Raajoo.

Raajoo was shocked to see that the application was addressed to his company.

He quickly went through the set of papers. Impressive indeed.

Raajoo was quite concerned. He decided on the spot to give her a job. But how to tell her that she was going to his company for interview?.

Suddenly the little child gave him a big smile . What an enchanting child!.

But he was puzzled that the girl had come alone with the child for interview.

So he asked her, What will you do when you go in for an interview?You can’t take him in with you.’

‘I am all alone with no one to help me .I have to request the receptionist to look after him for a few minutes .I pray to God that she cooperates ‘, she replied.

Meantime, they reached Raajoo House. The car stopped and a guard came running to open the door for them

He saluted Raajoo.

Raajoo tried to give the child back to the lady but the child started howling and would not leave him.

Suddenly Rajoo asked her, ’Why has the child got so attached to me?

The lady was quiet for a moment and then she answered ,’ You look exactly like his grandfather who died in a car accident along with his son ‘ -my husband, a fortnight ago. The grandfather and the child were very attached to each other and used to play for hours together.'

This was another shock for Raajoo. Firstly the lift from bus stop, then the interview at his organization and now this.

Suddenly the lady turned towards him and said ,’ Do me a favour. Please look after him while I go in for the interview. He is absolutely at ease with you.'

Raajoo was for some time at a loss to answer. The lady looked dejected.

Suddenly he decided to go along with them

He said to himself. ‘Let me see the reaction of my staff when I enter my own office with them.’

So he said, ’Okay.’

The lady seemed so relieved.

And they walked together to the lift.

The liftman was all smiles, pointed out to the child and said to Raajoo ,’ Sir , I did not know you had such a lovely grandson.’

Raajoo was astounded to hear this. Then he said to himself ,’ ’My God ! I wish it were so.’

’When they reached the reception, the receptionist jumped up and said, ’Sir, I did not know, you have such a charming grandson. Where have you been hiding him?’

Raajoo did not say anything, just smiled and said to the receptionist ,’Take her immediately for an interview with Prakaash , while I wait here with the child.’

The receptionist was at a loss to understand what was going on but she quickly walked to Prakash’s cabin along with the lady...

Raajoo quickly phoned Prakaash on the intercom and said ‘Prakaash! Listen carefully. I have already interviewed the lady, who is coming to meet you. Give her quickly a letter of appointment at Rs, 2OOOO per month with all the perks.’

And he quickly cut off the line...

When the receptionist entered the cabin, ’she said , Prakaash!.’

But before she could say anything further, Prakaash said, I know Sir phoned me.,

Meantime Raajoo started thinking,’ I will put her in my son’s department under him as an assistant. Maybe my cultured but good for nothing son will fall in love with her and I shall have this lovely lady as my daughter in law and this lovely child as my grandson. What could be better ? I am more than sure, my son will be controlled by this charming and intelligent lady.’

Meantime Prakaash came out anxious to find out what was happening.

Raajoo beckoned him over and said ‘,Put her under my cultured but good for nothing son.’

And he gave him a sly smile

And they both burst out laughing and shook hands.

End of the Story

Story No. 2


When Kishor was going to work, he saw a number of people standing around an elderly man who was probably not well or had fainted.

Full of concern, he asked the driver to stop his car and got out .On inquiring he was told the man had fainted. He volunteered to take the man to a hospital.

So he requested those present to put him in his air conditioned car and started for the nearest hospital.

Suddenly the man revived and said, ‘Oh what a joy to ride in a A/C mercedez that also in the latest model?.’

Kishor was quite amused to observe that the man could make out that it was a latest mercedez model from inside the car.

The man continued, It is after a long time that I am riding one .Can you believe me that at one time I had four of them?’.

Kishor said ,’Really ?’full of sarcasm.’

But he observed that the man was a class by himself . Such polish and style.

So he asked him,‘What happened?

He replied,‘The usual sad story of three vices. I have paid a heavy price Now I want to make a fresh start,’

Kishor replied full of concern ,’ But how ?’

The man replied, ‘My mind has started functioning again‘.

Kishor asked him,’ Now where may I drop you ? Where do you stay?’

The man replied ,’Whereever you drop me , is my home .I live on footpath.’

Kishor replied ‘ I am going to Rajat house , Andheri .Where ever you want to get off on the way ,tell me."

The man was suddenly full of life. He asked ,’Not the Metropolitan?

Kishor was shocked to hear his question but was reluctant to tell the man that he was right.

The man said,’ I know you are reluctant to admit but in case you are going there, remember that the fat and ugly lady at the reception takes all decisions and not the boss inside. And she has one weakness. She has a son, she is crazy about. Talk about him and you will get business. Or better still buy a few comics for her son.’

And he continued ,’Opposite the building there is a book shop .Buy from there.’

Kishor was taken aback but he decided to follow his instructions

The man said, ‘While you go up , I would like to sleep in your car. I am remembering my glorious days. And by the way, ask your driver to buy me haka noodles with vegetables from the restaurant nearby . Their cuisine is excellent. I have not eaten properly for a few days.’

Kishor was surprised and said to himself, ‘Even in his present condition, he has style.’

So he instructed the driver accordingly.

He got out of the car, bought the comics and went up to Metropolitan.

He met the receptionist and said, ‘Someone told me that you have an intelligent son who is very fond of comics .So please do accept them.

The receptionist was overwhelmed with emotion. There were tears in her eyes

She said ,’You are the first one who has shown so much concern for my son. People who come here , are only interested in themselves . Nothing else matters to them.’

‘Oh yes ! I forgot ,I will tell the boss you are here ,’ she continued

She hunted out a bunch of papers from the drawer and went inside. Kishor recognized his set of papers.

She was gone for a long time but Kishor waited patiently.

Finally when she came out, she beckoned him to go in.

When he went in , the boss was in a friendly mood.

He said,‘ I have gone through your offer and I feel, I should give you the contract. Please start straightaway. My receptionist will guide you,’

Kishor came out and walked back to the receptionist and said , ‘Next time I shall bring some very interesting books on general knowledge for your son.’

And he took her leave...

‘On the road in his car, the man was waiting anxiously and asked,’What happened ?’

‘You were right, I got the contract .’Kishor replied.

The man said ,’If you play fair with me , I shall guide you with my vast experience Now tell me ..How much have you reserved for me ? I want with dignity 5% on the value of the contract.’

Kishor was an honourable man and he readily agreed.

The man said ,’Now what is your next destination?’

Kishor replied, ’Cosmopoliton,’

,’Oh that smiling crook. Let me see. Don’t go there now. Please. He will throw you out but we must plan . ..He is very fond of golf and regularly goes to Apollo Golf club. Join the club. I will guide you how to play golf .I will even get an expert from the club ,Chandan to teach you how to play .. Take it easy.’ It is a very very big corporate house and if you play your cards properly, with one contract , your life is made . .But follow my instructions and you will succeed. ’said the man.’

‘And remember ‘, continued the man,’ all human beings have weaknesses . Study them , move accordingly and take advantage of them ,’but never overdo things and harm others,. Always restrain yourself .’

Kishor smiled and said ,,’Now that we are partners, let me put you up at a small and clean hotel .You relax but I am suddenly afraid of you. There is no doubt that very soon, with your vast experience you will not need me and will throw me out.’

And he gave him around Rs. 5OOO.

‘The man replied,’Whatever my defects are ‘I have suddenly started thinking of you as my son .I have no family and I have always felt lonely. But suddenly I feel vibrant. I feel, I have paid for my blunders. Now watch me and see how dynamic I can be‘.

Kishore gave him a smile , took his leave and went home pleased with life.

End of the Story

Story No. 3


There was pin drop silence in the office

The borrower was to sign the documents giving all his assets to the creditor...

Suddenly the door burst open and a small girl came running followed her mother, She was crying. The little girl was the daughter of the borrower.

When the creditor saw her , he went pale, thinking’.Why, this is my daughter whom I lost years ago. My God! What is this ?’

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

The girl proceeded to her father.

The father got annoyed and said to his wife,’ How could you let her come here?,’

The mother said. ’ You know what a sweet child she is . But today I just could not control her She went wild and insisted on seeing you. So there was no other way but to do so.’

Suddenly the eyes of the girl fell on the creditor. She went into a trance and continued gazing at him...

Suddenly she gave him a big smile and said,’ You will play the horse and let me ride you.’

The creditor got flabberghasted and said to himself, ’My God,this is the game myself and my daughter used to play.’

So he quietly knelt down on the floor on his fours.

Suddenly the girl burst out laughing and said to the creditor,’ How stupid you are! Do the horses wear a coat and a tie? Take them off.’

The borrower got annoyed with his daughter but the creditor waved him away

He took off his coat and his tie and knelt once again on the ground on all fours.

The little girl jumped on his back and said,’ Run fast.’

He meekly started doing so.

Suddenly the girl said,’ You used to run faster,’

The creditor said to himself,’ How right she is .I used to be faster.. But after the death of my daughter , I have lost interest in life.’

So meekly he replied,’ Yes are right but I will try to run faster.’

Suddenly the girl cried out ‘ Stop ! Don’t you see the big river ahead?’

He peered in the distance and pretended to see the river..

‘Yes ! I can see it’ ,he replied.

The girl said,’ Make me a strong boat'.

He looked around for a thick and strong paper.

Suddenly an idea struck him.He asked for the documents which were bound by a thick and strong cover.

He took it and started to remove the cover of the documents.

His assistant shouted.‘ Sir ! ,What is this you are doing ?’

But he just smiled and tore off the cover. He made a lovely strong boat. He was adept at this.

He then tore up the documents

His assistant shrieked. Sir ! You have destroyed documents worth five million .’

The man said nothing and gave the boat to the girl

‘,Have it ! You like it? ‘ he asked.

‘Yes Yes ‘, said the girl ‘ But now I must go home and feed my baby.’

‘You mean the brown bear ? he asked.

The girl went into raptures,’ Yes ! Yes! You have seen it ?’ she asked

How could he forget that his daughter had died holding a brown bear in her lap.

‘So he replied,’ Yes, I have seen your baby .’

Suddenly the girl’s mood changed. She left quickly after giving him a warm hug and a big smile.

He burst into tears of joy. Yes, she was his daughter who had come back to him

He said to himself, ‘Oh merciful God. You have given me back my daughter.’

The assistant said to him once again,’ Sir, what is this you have done ?’

He replied, ‘I do not want the father of my daughter to have any financial problems. Otherwise how will he look after her properly ?.’

But nobody understood him

End of the Story

Story No. 4

A true friend

Chandroo came out from the departmental stores with his hands full with packages , when someone touched him.

Chandroo turned back and saw a person dressed in a very ordinary fashion.

The person said, ‘What a sad thing that you can’t even recognize your old friend Haree?.’

Chandroo got a shock of his life and he said, ‘My God ! How much have you changed; What happened ?’

‘I lost heavily in business but I chose to pay every rupee of the creditors and this is how I stand . I now live in a chawl.’ Hari answered.

Chandroo asked, ’Why did you not approach me?. Afterall money is not everything in life.’

‘My self respect or vanity did not allow me to come to you,’replied Hari.

‘Anyway done is done. Get into my car .I have an urgent meeting at my office and I am on my way .My driver will drop you back . We will have roughly half an hour to chit chat ,’replied Chandroo.

And they got into the car.

Now Hari turned to Chandroo and said ,’Now how are things with you and your family?'

‘All fine. I am earning millions. And my family, my wife, a son and a daughter live together. We are on excellent terms but under our loving conversation ,I feel, there is a wall between us and there is no perfect communication. I am at a loss to understand .’Chandroo answered.

Chandroo continued ,’ I don’t think it would be easy to find out the reason . .But I must dig in and find out ... Anyway in the evening drop in my house and join us for dinner And do bring over your family. They must get to know each other...I won’t have no for an answer. My driver will come and fetch you all. Give him your address. I shall drop you back. Thus I will have the opportunity to meet your family.Anyway how are things at home.?’

‘Fantastic! My wife and children stood by me during the period of crisis. They cut down heavily on expenses without a whimper ..It is not easy to change one’s life style from a rich man to a poor man.’replied Haree.

‘How lucky you are. I wonder how my family would have reacted under similar conditions ,’replied Chandroo.

‘In the evening Chandroo’s driver brought Hari and his family over to a palatial apartment.

Chandroo said to his wife,‘ Can you imagine who has come to our house?’

His wife was taken aback at the question , had a good look at Hari and said ,’But you have changed a lot.You have lost weight but you look healthy .Teach my fat husband how to exercise.’

And they all laughed.

The children also recognized Uncle Hari and greeted him profusely'

And they sat down for dinner.

It was a very very pleasant atmosphere. There was laughter around but Hari could feel an undercurrent of uneasiness.

Chandroo said to himself,’They have every thing in the world .But why this hidden nervousness? .Surprisingly before one finishes the sentence ,the other one agrees .No discussion , no argument.’

So all went off outwardly very well.

When the time for departure came, Chandroo took Hari in the other room, pressed a small packet in his hands and said,’ If you refuse a little present from an old dear friend ,then I will have nothing to do with you in future.’

Hari accepted the packet but was disturbed in his heart.

When he reached home , he went into the bathroom and opened the packet . And as he had imagined, there was money inside but my God Rs. 5OOOO. Hari was astounded...

He kept thinking about Chandroo's problem

As Hari was a very shrewd man , he decided to dig in their lives but in a very subtle way.

So,he started with the daughter of his friend.

He went and stood outside the college and waited for her arrival.

When she finally arrived , she seemed nervous and looked in all directions to ensure that no one was watching her . She quickly put some money on the counter of a pan shop and in a second picked up something .She started walking to the college , opened her purse and put it in.

Hari was shocked to observe all this .He went over to a tea shop nearby.

He ordered a cup of tea and sat down watching the college.

The waiter observed all this and said ,’It is an odd college with most of the students on drugs. You see that man in a blue shirt .He is a peddler. Every now and then he gets picked up by the police but is back in an hour’s time. Evidently the police is one with him.’

Hari said to himself,’ So that is the problem.’

He went home in a dazed condition.

’He thought it over very carefully and went over to a detective agency.

After coming to terms with them, he gave them three addresses, Chandroo himself, his wife and the son.

After a few days the detective agency phoned him and he went over..

The agency owner said, ’The young man is involved with a call girl .He visits her everyday .The girl is intelligent , highly educated and sophisticated .She is a linguist and works in a foreign consulate . Every Friday she takes a trip to Delhi to entertain people and is back on Sunday night .My God ! What a deadly combination.No doubt the young man is in love with her and she with him .’

He continued , ‘ His wife is a gambler and goes regularly to the club . The stakes are high and she is always a loser . Every now or then she sells a jewellery piece to pay off her losses . She seems to be loaded with jewellery.’

He further continued, ’The Man himself has a mistress where he goes sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays. Evidently he must be telling his wife that he is travelling on business.’

Hari was shocked to hear all this and said to himself ,’This explains everything. But how to tell his friend Chandroo!‘

Somehow he decided to discuss everything with Chandroo ...

Next morning he went over to Chandoo’s office

He bared all the information to him and in the end told him about his mistress.

Chandroo was furious and shouted,‘ I gave you money to look after yourself and evidently you have hired some detective agency to spy on all of us. Have you any morals? Using my money to spy on me ? Where are your morals?’

Hari said,’ It is very difficult to find fault with oneself . The easiest way is to blame others for everything . But I will tell you something. Your family members are very affectionate and loving but evidently they know about your activities but are scared of discussing with you. It is you who has built a wall between you all and not they .Now I will take your leave'.

Chandroo replied angrily , ‘When I need your lecture , I will let you know.’

Hari did not argue. He got up quietly and said to himself, ‘Of course from his view point , he is right .I have utilized his money to spy on him. But I wanted to help him.’

Hari got very disturbed due this stormy meeting.

Next day when Hari was reading newspapers at his house over a cup of tea, the door bell rang.

When he opened the door, he saw Chandroo standing outside. He welcomed him in as if nothing had transpired between them.

Chandroo took a seat and said, ’ You are indeed a true friend . I realize the gravity of the situation and blame myself .. Now I want your help . Will you do that.?

An he offered him his hand.

Hari got up and gave him an affectionate hug.

End of the Story

Story No. 5


Mohan was back in Mumbai after three years. During this period, he had amassed immense wealth.

Now he was back and was being lavishly entertained by a friend at a party.

Suddenly Mohan thought of his Professor who had been very patient and caring during his lean days and had guided him to prosperity.

How could he forget such a person during the last 3 years?

Suddenly his joy was gone and he felt sick with remorse

His friend noticed the change in him and asked , ‘Everything okay?’

Mohan replied ,; All okay but I feel ashamed of myself for forgetting my beloved professor for so long. I wonder how he is faring?’

His friend looked at Mohan and realized he had to move fast.

So he made a few phone calls while Mohan sat in gloom in a corner.

Suddenly his friend turned towards him and said ,’ Things are really bad. He is in St. George Hospital in the general ward. Also tomorrow his flat is being auctioned due to non payment of loans etc etc to the bank and other parties.’

Mohan’s face went red in shame but his friend said,’ We will go just now to the hospital and also tomorrow to the auction.’

Mohan answered ,’You are a true friend .But there is no need of going to the hospital. For I am setting up a hospital and I have already chosen an eminent doctor to run the show. I will phone him.’

So he picked up the mobile and phoned him.

The doctor was extremely pleased to hear his voice.

Mohan said to him. ’Do me a favour. Go immediately to St. George Hospital and pick up my professor Vani from the general ward and take him to Jaslok and get him admitted in the best possible room. Get the best doctors and look after him personally. No problem about money. You will have a free hand.’

The doctor was immensely pleased for this was a good chance to be in Mohan’s good books

He replied, ‘Just relax. I will phone you when I bring him to Jaslok. Then you can come over. Just relax. Depend on me. I will put everything in order.’

Next morning they went to the professor’s house which was being auctioned. The Professor’s nephew was there to look after his uncle’s interest but he had already been pocketed by the vested interests.

Mohan said to himself ,’ This is an excellent chance to give my professor a good amount so that his financial worries are over once for all.’

The auction started. One of those present quoted 3 million knowing fully well that the flat was worth 1O million

Mohan said, ‘Six million.

There was a wave of shock and disbelief.

The party thought it over and said to himself, ‘The flat is worth 1O million.’

So he bid ,’Seven million .’

Mohan bid without blinking ,’ Fourteen million.’

All the bidders quietly got up and walked out.

Mohan was full of joy . He had given 4,000,000 extra to the Professor

He now turned to his friend and inquired ?’ And how is his daughter?’

His friend replied ,’She is okay but today she has organized a sale for garments. Let us go there.’

When they arrived there, they were greeted by a nice looking young man who gave them a card and said,’ Buy from this place .They will give you a 20% discount.’

Mohan got annoyed and replied’ You seem to have a good background. Why you are doing this to this girl?’

The young man replied, ‘ I am ashamed of myself but I need some money urgently to look after my mother who is not well.’

Suddenly Mohan saw the similarity between this young man and his old friend Harjani.

Full of surprise he asked him ,’Are you Harjani’s son ?

The young man was taken aback and said ,’ Yes ! But how do you know?’

Mohan replied ,? Harjani is my old friend . You look exactly like him .How is he ?’

The young man replied,’ He died last year .’

Mohan exclaimed ,’ My God !What a tragedy . I cut myself off from my friends for three years. I feel ashamed of myself.’

Mohan continued ,’Since I know your background and evidently you have no work, I am offering you an administrative job in my hospital straightway.’

And he gave him his visiting card.

The young man was astounded but accepted the offer and started to leave

Mohan held him back and said ,’ You have been unkind to the girl on the business front . At least take her for a cup of coffee . Wait here.’

He went to the girl’s shop , pretended to examine the clothes.

He suddenly turned to the girl and said, ‘I intend buying all the material for an orphanage. State your figure .Will Rs 200,000 do?’

The girl was taken aback but she recovered and said,’ They are not worth~ 200,000 Let me calculate .’

Mohan was pleased but it came as no surprise for afterall she was his professor’s daughter. Honest and straightforward.

So he answered, ’You do not know the value of your material . I am in this line for years and do not want to take your advantage.'

And he took out his cheque book and wrote the amount.

He continued ,’Day after tomorrow my office van will come to pick up the material. Now let me introduce my nephew to you .’

And then he beckoned the young man to join them

The girl was quite amused for she recognized him to the person who was trying to lure away her customers but she took an instant fancy to him and gave him a big smile.

The young man looked at the smiling girl and said ,’ I apologize for my unethical behavior. Come ! I would be delighted if you accept my invitation for a cup of coffee. I know a nice place where they serve excellent coffee . I will however drink my chilled beer.’

The girl said ,’You drink the stinking coffee. I shall drink chilled beer instead.’

And they burst out laughing and said bye bye to Mohan.

Mohan was overjoyous. He said to himself ,This is a lucky omen. If they can share chilled beer, why not their lives ?.’

He was so overjoyed, that he burst into a song. The passersby were amused but Mohan did not care for them, He was in seventh heaven.

End of the Story

Story No. 6

The chain reaction

The boss's wife was in a state of tension.

She turned and said to her husband,'Imagine what bad luck.! I have a kitty party at home and this rascal of a servant doesn’t turn up. And above all you want your favourite breakfast today.What a misfortune!’

The husband said ,’You could easily phone the restaurant opposite our house and order out something. Their food is excellent as you always say. Also please don't worry about my breakfast. I can easily get some snacks at the office.'

The wife said,'I know all about your snacks. You will order out a big lunch and invite that flirt secretary of yours .I can read her mind the way she looks at you. Like a cat she is always ready to pounce on you .Do not try to fool me. I know all about you men.'

And she continued ,' Try to understand. What luck! I wanted our servant to make something special for my friends .’

And she rattled on about her bad luck.

The husband nearly lost his temper but he controlled himself. He left the house without a murmer but in a very bad mood.

He reached the office in a foul mood.

He called for his accountant but was told that he had not arrived.

When the accountant turned up 15 minutes later , he admonished him and said, 'Imagine turning up 15 minutes late !I do all the work and you people just don’t care. Please don’t bother to tell me that traffic was heavy on the way. I know all about these tricks.

The accountant felt insulted but said to himself ,' At least the idiot pays well on time. Damn him.’

So he gave a sweet smile but he was very very disturbed.

He said to himself,' My wife is responsible for all this for she gave me breakfast full 2O minutes late'.

And he went home in a foul mood.

His wife gave him a sweet smile and said,’ How was the day?

He answered,’ What do you know? You gave me breakfast 2O minutes late. I got late and had to listen to a lot of nonsense from my boss ..You women are lucky. Whole day you relax , play cards and go to kitty parties .And we men work hard to provide you with all the comforts. What an injustice of life!’

And he went on and on.

When the wife could bear to hear no more she went full of anger into the adjoining room.

There she saw her little daughter sitting on the floor surrounded by dolls which were lying scattered.

She flew into a rage and slapped her saying ,’ You must learn to arrange your dolls in a row’.

The poor daughter was taken aback. She cried piteously with tears flowing down her face.

She got very upset and angrily twisted the neck of a doll breaking it.

End of the Story

Story No. 7

Family Drama

Mohan returned home in a very excited manner.

He said to his wife ,’Today I met an old friend Vishnu after a few years. He has not changed at all .It was so easy to recognize him. He was wearing the same flashy clothes and smelt of perfume. Evidently he has not changed‘.

‘Who Vishnu ? That odd one ?’ asked his wife.

‘What do you mean by the odd one ? asked Mohan.

‘Did he get married ? asked his wife.

‘Oh now I understand. Yes he did get married and has two sons.’ .’Mohan answered

‘Really, that is indeed news’ ,. replied his wife with a smirk on her face.

‘Why are you being sarcastic?’ asked Mohan

'Did I say anything wrong ?' asked his wife.

'No, no., ’replied Mohan.

‘Now it is my turn to give you some funny news ,’said the wife

‘Incidently I met your ex - girl friend today ‘ continued his wife.

‘Who?’ asked Mohan.

‘I know you had quite a few girl friends. So how could I pin point straightaway? ’. replied the wife ...

‘Of course I understand ,’ replied Mohan jokingly.’I should have stayed in touch with all of them and kept a record. My apologies.’

His wife was quite amused and said, ‘Oh the one who wears short skirts ’.

‘My God ! Too many girls wear short skirts these days .’replied Mohan with annoyance .’Hopefully she has a name.’

‘She told me but I forgot, ’replied the wife

‘Yes I understand You only remember things that are worth remembering. ’Mohan replied.

Now who is being sarcastic? ‘asked his wife. Oh yes I remember her name now. Sonia. Does it ring a bell?

‘Oh that sweet girl? Was she looking okay ?’ asked Mohan.

‘All girls are sweet until they get married . Then their true colours come out’. replied the wife

‘No no, it is not so,’ ‘Look at my sweet wife. She is as sweet as ever. ‘replied Mohan.

And they both burst out laughing.

The wife of course understood that her husband was being diplomatic

Did you invite her over ? asked Mohan.

‘Do you think, I am a fool? Why take a risk ?’’asked his wife.

‘Okay, do what you think is right’. replied Mohana.’ To me it makes no difference’.

‘Really ? That is interesting. I know all about you men. Now , please listen carefully, said his wife ‘Your darling daughter , whom you have given too much love and pampered her, is always on the line, talking and talking.’

‘What else do you expect her to do at this age ?Stich clothes ?’ asked Mohan

‘For God’s sake, try to understand the situation. God knows what type of friends she has! Next month,is her birthday. Let her invite all her friends. It will give us a chance to scrutnise her friends. ' said his wife

Suddenly, their daughter turned up.

‘Papa, ‘she cried,’ we are all going to see a movie. Give me some money.'

'Your Papa dear will never refuse you anything. He has no money for me but for you, sky is the limit,’ said his wife.

‘There you go again. ’replied Mohan full of sorrow.

He turned to his daughter and said, ’Next month is your birthday, Invite over all your friends at our house.'

'How could you talk like that , Papa dear ? Can we relax with you and mummy watching us all with the eyes of an eagle ? However the idea is wonderful. I shall start preparing the list of all invitees . Only I will let you know the venue later on . Maybe at the new restaurant that has just opened. My friends will be highly impressed. But now, I am in a hurry. Give me some money quickly .’ she said.

Mohan opened his purse under the watchful eyes of his wife and felt embarrassed when the daughter took away roughly half of the amount in the purse.

He shrugged his shoulders and said to himself ,’ I am always giving my wife enough money but why does she react like this? Can there be jealousy between the mother and the daughter ?‘

He turned towards his wife who gave him a cold stare.

Suddenly his wife said ,’Thank God ! My Raajoo is not like that He studies whole day, has no friends at all and never goes out.’

,But that is abnormal,’ replied Mohan.

Suddenly the telephone started ringing

End of the Story