Yes ! We are ...... By Dr. Satish Rohra : Purpose of holding International conferences
Haa ! Asee'n aahyoo'n ..... International Conferences Me'n Gad^jan~a JO Faaid~o

Translation into English and Sindhi in Roman script by Chandiramani In today's conference,in stead of saying something,in reality I wish to ask a question .A question that I keep asking myself and now wish to ask yourself.
Aj^u je conference me'n kuchhu chavan~a je bad~raa'n, sachu t~a moo'nkhe hiku suvaal puchhn~o aahe. Iho suvaal jeko maa'n paan~a khaa'n puchha'nd~o rahiyo aahhyaa'n .Ai'n haan~e t~avhaa'n khaa'n puchhan~u th~o chaahyaa'n.

Question is : Why have we assembled here to day ?Why do we meet nearly the same persons every year? Every year we listen to some speeches,some music, and return to our homes .Why do we do all this? What do we intend gaining? And what do we actually gain and return home? What do we the Sindhis gain?
Suvaal aahe :Asee'n aj^u hit~e chho gad^u th~iyaa aahyoo'n ? Lag^u bhag^u saag^yaa maan~hoo har saal chho th~aa gad^joo'n ? Har saal asee'n kuchhu takreeroo'n , kuchhu music b^udh~ee pa'nhi'nje maag^an laai ravaanaa th~aa th~iyoo'n . Akhhir iho sabhu asee'n chho th~aa karyoo'n ?Asee'n chhaa haasil karan~ th~aa chhaahyoo'n ? Chhaa haasil kare ghar motoo'n th~aa ?Asee'n Si'ndh~ee chhaa th~aa haasil karyoo'n?

Listening to this question, You will start thinking, as to why we have come here after spending so much money and put up with difficulties ?Afterall what for?
Heeu suvaal b^udh~ee t~avhee'n sochaaan~ lag^a'nd~aa, t~a asee'n het~ro khharch kare ai'n het~riyoo'n t~akleefoo'n sahee hit~e chho aayaa aahyoo'n. Aakhhir chhaa laai?

For the time being , we put this question aside .;;.and ask you another :Why do we participate in events of sorrow and marriages of friends and relatives ?
Kuchhu vakt~a laai hina suvaala khe paseero rakhoo'n th~aa ai'n t~avhaa'n khaa'n b^iyo suvaal th~aa puchhoo'n .Asee'n kahi'n azeeza yaa maaita je ghhaman ai'n shaad~iyun me'n chho shaamil th~ee'nd~aa aahyoo'n ??

The answer is :We wish to let them realise and know that we are a part of a large family and inter connected We feel sad when they are sad and happy when they are happy .
Javaab aahe : Asee'n hunan khe mahsoos ai'n j^aan~aain~u chaahyoo'n th~aa .,t~a assee'n hika vad^e kutu'nba jaa hisaa aahyoo'n ai'n hika b^iye saa'n g^a'ndhyala aahyoo'.Jad^ahi'n hoo ghhamghheen hoo'nd~aa aahin t~a asee'n ghhamghheen th~ee'nd~aa aahyoo'n ai'n jad^ahi'n hoo khhoosh hoo'nd~aa aahin t~a asee'n khhoosh th~ee'nd~aa aahyoo'n .....................

This is exactly the purpose of conferences. To make all realise that we are one and a part of a large family due to Sindhyat ..
Conferences jo ihoee mat~lab aahe :Sabhnee khe mahsoos karaain~u t~a assee'n Si'ndh~yat~ je kare hika vad^e kutu'nba jaa tukr^aa aahiyoo'n.

Now what is Sindhyat ?It is a kind of cultural background and what we have inherited over the centuries from our ancestors...Now let us analyse what exactly we mean by it ?
Haan~e Si'ndhyat~ chhaa aahe ?Ihaa hika kisma jee sabhyat~aa aahe ,jekaa asaa'nkhe pa'nhi'nje vad^an khaa'n , varse me'n, milee aahe .Acho t~a asee'n jaacha kayoo'n t~a Si'ndh~yat~ jee maanaa chhaa aahe .

To clarify :Sindh is one of the most ancient cultured places of the world.
Inhe g^aalh khe samjhaain~a laai :Si'ndh~u d~uuniyaa je puran~e me'n puran~e sabhyaat~an jo hiku mulku aahe ,

It is a confirmed fact that Rig veda ,our most ancient holy scriptures was written here on the banks of river Indus .
Ihaa saabit~ kayal g^aalh aahe t~a Riga Ved~aa asaa'njo puran~e me'n puraan~o Shaast~ar Si'ndh~oo nad~eea je kinaare t~e likhyo viyo ho

John Marshal in the year 1922 got a mound excavated near Larkana ..And behold : What do we see ?.
1922 me'n John Marshall Larkaana je vejho hika Dar^e jee khotaaee karaaee .Ai'n d^iso ,chhaa th~o nazar ache.?

An ancient city,at least 25OO years B.C old with underground sanitation,the first in the world .
Hiku pracheen shahiru ,ghati me'n ghati 45OO saala puran~o, jahi'nkhe zameena je hethaa'n kasiyoo'n huyoo'n,d~uniyaa me'n pahiriyo'n ahr^o shahir .

Moen jo Daro was destroyed by the natural diversion of the river Indus .
Si'ndh~u nad~eea je kud~rat~ee t~arfa je bad~laain~a kare ,Mohan jo D~ar^o naas th~ee viyo .

There were seven cities built over each other. It must have taken time for them to be destroyed and rebuilt
Sat~a shahira hike b^iye je math~aa'n thahiyala huaa.Unhan khe naas th~iyan~a , ai'n thaahin~a me'n zaroor vakt~u lag^o hoo'nd~o.

It is not a new thing for the Sindhis .They get destoyed and come to life again
Si'ndh~yun laai ihaa kaa naee g^aalh konhe .Piyaa naas th~eed~aa aahin ai'n varee jeear^aa th~iyan.

You won't believe it.
Tavhee'n ihaa g^aalh maj~a'nd~aa ee kona.

It Sind after the floods ,by river lndus ,the land used to get more fertile and yield more crops next year .
Si'ndh~u me'n b^od^un khaa'n poi zameena vadh~eeka paid~aavaar th~eed~ee huee ai'n vadh~eeka fasul d^eed~ee huee .

Being uprooted and bouncing back ,is a part of our history
Paar^un khaa'n patjee vaj~an~ u ai'n vaapas tipo d^e ee achan~u ,asaa'nje t~uvaareekha jo hiso aahe .

Look what happened to us after partition .After being up rooted from our motherland we dispersed to 15O countries of the world .And today each Sindhi is well settled and earns at least 1OO times more than he did in Sind .
D^iso virhaa'ng~e khaa'n poi chhaa th~iyo.Pa'nhi'nje vat~ana khaa'n patjee nikraan~a khaa'n poi ,asee'n d~uniyaa je 15O mulkan me'n tir^ee pakhr^ee viyaasee'n Ai'n aj^u hikr^o hikr^o Si'ndh~ee ,jekee Si'ndh~u me'n kamaaee'nd~o ho ,unhe khaa'n 1OO d~afaa vadh~eeka kamaae th~o .

In Mumbai itself,we have started 22 educational institutions ,hospitals and hotels Can you imagine : Coming empty handed and contributing beyond words to all sections of the society .
Mumbai me'n hee asaa'n 22 educational instututes, hospitals, ai'n hotels shroo kayoo'n aahin .Soche sagho th~aa t~a khhaalee hath~an saa'n achan~ ai'n society laai het~ro karan~u .

We have over 1O Sindhi billionares in the world .
D~uniyaa me'n 1O Si'ndh~ee billionares aahin.

The only sad thing is that we are making less use of Sindhi nowadays ' Chandiramani and myself have jointly developed roman script for our Sindhi language with the helpof Dr. Baldev Matlani...We must all join in to make our roman script a success so that the Sindhis stay linked throughout the world . Visit sindhi section no. 18. Section I : Charts and exercises . Section II : Folklore for children :Section III :Short stories and section IV Jokes for grown up persons .:Section V for dictionary English to Sindhi in Roman script .
Rug^o ihaaee d^ukha jee g^aalh aahhe t~a aasee'n d^eeho'n d^ee'nh Si'ndh~ee ghati th~aa kama me'n aan~yoo'n. Chandiramani a'n moo'n gad^jee Si'ndh~ee b^oleea laai roman Script, Dr. Baldev Matlani je mad~ad~ saa'n thaahee aahe. Assaa'n sabhnee khe ghurje t~a gad^jee inhe Roman Script khe fat~hiyaab karyoo'n jeea'n t~a asee'n Si'ndh~ee hika b^iye saa'n d~uniyaa me'n g^a'ndhiyal rahoo'n.

Coming back to the main question : Why do we organise international conferences ? To remind ourselves that we are Sindhis and a part of a large family with a culture of 5OO years.
Vaapas inhe mukhiya suvaal t~e motoo', th~aa. Asee'n International Conferencess chho th~aa organise kayoo'n ? Paan~akhe yaad~ d^iyaran~ laai t~a asee'n Si'ndh~ee hika vad^e kutu'nba jaa hisaa ahhyoo'n ai'n asaa'njee sabh~iyat~aa 5OOO saala puran~ee aahe .

In July on the 9th,1O th and 11th , at Jakarta we have an international conference of Sindhis of the world .Please do attend
July 9th, 1Oth and 11th t~e Jakarta me'n Si'ndh~iyun jee international conference aahe. Zaroor shaamil th~ijo