Polklore; Panji Cycle of Indonesia.

Panji Cycle of Indonesia is an extremely popular folklore.

In this folklore , prince Panji is engaged to be married to a beautiful princess Candra Kirana ( Ray of moon)However on the eve of the wedding she disappears .

Panji's rival Klono also wants the beautiful princess Candra Kirana and wants to destroy the city to get her .

Meantime a witch princess disguises herself as Candra Kirana and tries to marry the prince Panji herself .

Meantime prince Panji sets out to find Candra Kirana . He uses various disguises ...

Candra Kirana is advised by the Gods to return in the guise of a man . Only then she will be able to reunite with Prince Panji.

Candra Kirana disguises herself as a male dancer .

She returns and writes a letter to Panji about the witch princess .The followers of Prince Panji kill the witch princess .

while wandering ,Prince Panji comes across princess Candra Kirana . Both are in disguise and the . two fight each other .

During the fight they disclose their real identities and are reunited .

The End