Folk dances of India:

Chhau dance is a masked dance of Orissa, Bengal.


In India Chau dancing is practiced in Orissa ,Jharkhand and west Bengal .

Unfortunately Chau dancing gets very little attention in India .

Surprisingly there are quite a few places in the world, where they teach Chau dancing. Chau dances are very vigorous and martial in nature.

In Chau dancing they wear masks and adopt roles of kings, and animals etc. The orchestra consists only of drums and shehnai and the music is of a very primitive style.

Chau dancing travelled to Java and Sumatra from orissa centuries ago , in the wake of trade relations between the two countries. There a similar dance in Indonesia which is called Topeng where they use masks .The themes are practically the same ..

Mando is very popular in Goa.

Hikat is another popular dance in Himachal Pradesh.

Choliya is yet another folk dance of Orissa.

Dalkhan from Orissa

Gendi from Madhya Pradesh

Vrita from west Bengal

Bilu of Assam

Bhangra from Punjab.

All these are well known dances of India