I am indebted to my "guru", Prof. Dr. S.B. Hudlikar (Heidelberg. W. Germany), Director of European Languages, Bombay, for not only encouraging me to undertake the translation of the Panchatantra into English and German but also for guiding me through the various Sanskrit versions, giving me benefit of his experience in translating and his scholarly knowledge of the Sanskrit language.

I express my deep sense of gratitude to Dr. A. Karl (Vienna, Austria) for going through the manuscript, scrutinizing it word by word, and for making many useful suggestions. He has also corrected my German translation of the Panchatantra.

Miss Sylvia Gidley, B.A. (Wales), began correcting the English manuscript in London, but was so fascinated by its contents that she was lured to come to India and complete it . Without her, the translation would have become drab and lifeless.

And my brother (Amolak L. Chandiramani) has been very enthusiastic about my work right from the beginning. He minutely went through the proofs several times and his suggestions were extremely  useful in improving the language of the book.

I should like to express my thanks to Mr. E. Wiesinger of Shakuntala Publishing House, Bombay, for guiding me in bringing out this book with his vast experience of publishing; Shri Wadhwani for checking proofs with care and diligence and finally the Manager and the staff of the Examiner Press, Bombay, for their wonderful co-operation

G. L. Chandiramani